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The Point of No Return Essay

The Point of No Return In 1763 Britain tended not to involve itself in the welfare of its own colonies but following the expensive wars fought on American ground disputes arose more than cash. British troops had been abandoned in the us in case of further battle with the Red Indians or even French-Canadians, beforehand the colonists had not been heavily taxed but the authorities viewed the fact that British troops were at hand in America as a profitable situation and consequently raised taxes with the explanation which the British troops have been present to colonist defense. The authorities therefore enforced many trade legislation to ensure a profit that was not being obtained on account of the substantial smuggling from French islands. Around the identical period of time, i.e. 1765, the Stamp Act was also introduced, that this ordered that newspaper used for legal documents, permits and newspapers must execute an official stamp, another sort of gain for the British government. Inevitably this enraged the colonists and led in several riots and protests. A congress at New York with representatives from nine colonies had been held to submit a complaint regarding the Stamp Tax, a remarkable accomplishment for those colonies against the British as it had been among the very first times that the colonies had arrived together to be able to express and assist one another against the influence of the British, or even of some additional dominance. These nine colonies claimed that no British subject might be redeemed unless his representative sat as an associate at the Parliament that voted that the tax. This was not an entirely new proposal, however it did results in the repeal of the Stamp Act and has been a certain build as much as "The Point of No Return" as.

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