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The Entire Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi Essay

Gender Roles in Persepolis The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi is a graphic novel that depicts the Life Span of Marjane Satrapri through the Iranian Revolution. Satrapi tells her story as a child growing up through the time of the many drastic changes forced upon women and the effects of the new laws created by the Shah. During this period individuals in Iran were banned from reading, or listening to music which was not approved by this regime. Faculties were divided by sex and women were made to wear veils to protect themselves from being molested or raped by men. The middle class women in Persepolis are prescribed that the many crucial roles like rearing their children as well as the duties in the house. But most importantly since they're in the house they cannot achieve legal rights for all women in Iran. ВЂњIn no nation do women have on own political standing, access, or affect equal to man” (Kazemi, 2000). The divorce of a man and woman lies solely in the hands of men. Though the girls in the Satrapi family were oppressed outside of the house they chose to live two different lives, one within the household and one on the outside. They frequently had parties and drank alcohol even though it was not allowed. The functions which were prescribed into the women weren't effective since they had no opinion, and because there were no laws in favor of women who earlier or later start to contribute up and underlying the man’s ideas. Ten year-old Marji plays a massive role in rebelling against regulations made by the Shah. She's a very vocal about her beliefs and is a religious person who at the beginning relies on her connection with God to direct her to becoming a prophet. After the exile of all 400 victims and discovering that her grandpa.

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