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The Consequences on Media Violence Essay Illustration

I chose this topic because I wish to be a videogame designer and I needed to defend my own right to make what I need. Unfortunately, after researching this topic it's clear that it's not feasible to state violent media is completely benign. Videogames and tv do have detrimental impacts on kids and young adults. Research was completed as the 1950's and virtually all studies reveal clear evidence that media violence does trigger increased violent trends, desensitization, and antisocial behavior -- that can be the same as sociopathic and psychopathic behaviour, it does not mean introverted. Understanding this, I wish to make it crystal clear that censorship shouldn't be the alternative. I feel that artists should be in a position to make and produce the content that they want to and they should not be limited in what they can do because it is the simplest solution. I need to learn just how damaging media violence will be to our own society and what can be done to repair it, without limiting that which content can be made. I don't want artists, producers, or developers to be limited in the things they do; I want for their content to simply be accessible to the suitable age category. When I turned into a videogame designer I do not need to get told "you can't do that" since the material available to children cannot be controlled. Research Questions Questions I've been, when and where did this study start? What impacts does media violence have in the short term? What will be the long-term effects? Just how much exposure is fine and just how much is too much? What can be done to alleviate this issue? What additional factors contribute to greater violence and antisocial behavior in kids? I'm curious what attempts are being put forward to censor websites and what parents, companies, an...

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