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Writer about F. Scott Fitzgerald's Babylon Revisited

Everybody makes mistakes in their lifetimes and if they are large or small, the errors people make and the ways that they atone for those mistakes specify who they truly are. In F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story "Babylon Revisited", Fitzgerald proves using symbolism, point-of-view, and tone, that no matter how hard one tries to conceal them, the errors you make in the past stay with them indefinitely, setting the tone for the future. The last is represented by several elements inside the story, primarily by people, places and things. Early in the story, Charlie brings up an old acquaintance, Claude Fessenden, while speaking to Alix the bartender. According to Alix, Claude Fessenden has run up a bill of over thirty thousand francs in the Ritz, gave a bad check to repay his debt, and now so is no more welcome to come back to the pub. Charlie knew Claude out of his rambunctious days throughout the bull market, but now he is "up all bloated" (BABYLON), bereft by the wreck. The next day, during lunch with his daughter, Honoria, two more figures from Charlie's past come in to play - Lorraine along with Duncan, who are old friends of "a crowd who'd helped them make months into days in the lavish days of three decades ago" (BABYLON). They are instantly drawn to Charlie, and force him to keep in mind the years that he so vehemently tries to forget; questioning at amazement that the sober man standing before them. Charlie shoos both along as much as he can without insult, as he understands these folks aren't good for his or her daughter to be about. They are the living embodiment of these events of the past, and also to be able to become a new individual, his older friends cannot be a part of his life. Charlie's daughter Honoria is nine years old, practically a grownup in Charlie's eyes. He missed o.. .

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