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Speech and Concerning the Reader Essay

Read "Christine Jorgensen: A Personal Autobiography" I have a broader prospective on the exceptionally hard and emotionally complex life of a transgender person. Jorgensen's composing style and perspective give transgender people a brand new, no holds barred voice that ignites sympathy and compassion by your reader. In utilizing these tools of the written speech Jorgensen is able to relate to this reader on a personal level. Chapter 2 of Jorgensen's memoir begins off with a strangely all American apple pie feel, that is in stark contrast to what springs to mind if the uneducated, biased reader thinks of the early existence of a transgender individual. Jorgensen also mentions the Great Depression and the hardships that her family confronted during these times. The anecdote Jorgenson cites, "The stock certificates were useless and, as Dad said, "Good for nothing but papering a wall." Since I was just three years old at the moment. I do not recall that financial disaster, but might years afterwards; I shot Dad's pronouncement literally and papered a wall behind the bar in my house with those brilliant worthless certificates." (Jorgenson, 10-11), is especially so and relatable because many readers have comparable childhood reports of misinterpreting their parent's voice. Additionally, in performing so Jorgensen is able to produce the reader better relate to her, due to stating her roots she is able to demonstrate that yes she's also as American as apple-pie along with her start is no different than anybody else's. She is also revealing the reader that the start of her life didn't have some special circumstances and nothing from the ordinary happened to her. The following section of the autobiography which I found especially fascinating and easy to rel...

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