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Essay on Gregos and Stephanos, Sons of Gods

Once on a time, at 79 A.D., there lived two great buddies named Gregos and Stephanos, both were sons of Gods. They both lived in ancient Greece and believed themselves as brothers because they always played together. Stephanos was the son of the powerful Sun God and Gregos had been the boy of either creative Poseidon, strong Zeus or gloomy Hades. Gregos was frustrated by this truth since he wished to understand who his real father was. But, evil finally came into Stephanos mind and Gregos had gone against his friend. One afternoon, Stephanos saw his dad violently killing an innocent person. Stephanos got mad at this and took a vow to destroy Olympus once and for all. He just couldn't understand why his father would kill an innocent person. The next day Gregos got a vision which demanded him to visit magnificent Pompeii because an ugly and awful person was planning to destroy Olympus. Suddenly, he woke up and saw his three dads. They stated that the astounding vision he obtained was authentic! They also gave him amazing powers. From Poseidon, he has the marvelous ability to control water and the divine power to change into any creature he desired to. Zeus gave him a glorious Thunderbolt and the stunning capability to restrain the sky. Hades provide him the chilling power of the deceased and the power to raise colorful gemstones and metals from the bare floor. The following day, Gregos ready to go to Pompeii, but until he can start traveling, Stephanos stopped him. Stephanos advised Gregos that it'd be insecure traveling in the morning and to wait until evening. However, Gregos said that he had to go to Pompeii to rescue Olympus from the damaging volcanic eruption. But, Stephanos would not stop trying. He tried to have another point of view...

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