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Discover About The Battle of the Bulge

The Battle of the Bulge The post D-Day Allied attack that swept through France was halted by Hitler's unexpected counter-attack throughout the Ardennes, resulting in a confrontation called the Battle of the Bulge. The Allied battle leading to the fall of 1944 made an end to the war by Christmas seem likely. They had liberated most of France in a matter of months, and were now marching towards the Ruhr River, that had been the gateway into the heartland of Germany. However, that the Allies had moved so much so quickly that their distribution lines had not caught up with them. The closest dock was in which they had landed on D-Day, along with the demand for a closer port became more persistent everyday. During the Overlord campaign, which had been that the landing in France, the Allies had bombed railways widely to weaken the German defenses. With no railroad, trucks and roads were the one means of transporting materials. This distribution problem resulted in the decision by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, supreme commander of the Allied forces, that a nearer coastal port required to be opened up. He chose Antwerp, Europe's biggest port, that was situated across the Schelde Estuary (Keegan 436-437). Field Marshall Sir Bernard L. Montgomery, commander of the northern front, wanted a quick victory. He suggested continuing on into Germany, across the Ruhr, and destroying Hitler's way to make war from demobilizing the many factories in the area. Reluctantly, Eisenhower consented, and Operation Market Garden began on September 17, 1944. The plan called for Allied paratroopers to secure key bridges and set a foothold in the area in order that armed divisions could move in firmly. The First Allied Airborne Army, made of the 82nd and 101st branches of the USA along with the 1st branch of the British, were to be used at the procedure. The Americans task was to capture the bridges at the towns of Eindhower and Nirmegan. They succeeded in doing this very quickly with minimum casualties. The British, but encountered more difficulty. Their job was to procure the more distant bridges in Arnhem, however, their tank support that was designed to ease them was postponed. The Germans there, consisting of the 9th and 10th SS Panzer divisions, immobilized the British troops, killing one million and shooting six million (Keegan 437). The failure of Market Garden was Eisenhower that the supply issue must be addr...

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