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Shakespeare, Popcorn and a Soda Essay

The goal of this piece of writing is to make a comparative study of the various functions of Shakespeare, but maybe not as they are presented in their preferred form. Rather, I am choosing to explore and compare his works since they have been adapted and presented for modern audiences throughout the medium of film. What is missing in adaptation? What's gained? Do modern accoutrements give themselves to a deeper comprehension of the first functions; does the "magic" of editing and special effects lend itself to a deeper deeper understanding, or does it rather make the work look too "true?" Instead of seek out different adaptations depending upon their critical values or demerits, I chose to rather focus only on the most recent adaptations of any work. I feel that regardless of the quality, or lack thereof, of the movies selected in this manner, choosing them by this approach best serves to light the way the perception and adaptation of Shakespeare's work has improved for a contemporary audience. To serve this end, the focus of my job is going to be led towards Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, O (the most recent adaptation of Othello) and Ten Things I Hate About You (the most recent version of Taming of the Shrew). While every one of the films are adapted so that their settings are in the modern United States, what stays unchanged in adaptation out of film-to-film is often quite diverse, if not intriguing and, perhaps overly, ambitious. A couple of the films, Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet, keep Shakespeare's original dialogue. While portrayed as 21st century college students, businessmen and gang-bangers, the characters spend the entirety of their movies performing their lines as Shakespeare had written them (save for.

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