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CREATED ON 25th March 2018

Essay Child Interview

The interview I ran took place in the courtyard of my complex in Smallville, with the interviewee and myself. For the purpose of his paper and to protect the teenager privacy lets call her Regina. Regina is a fourteen-year-old adolescent female of Africa American descent. She is above average in height and carries a very bashful and nonchalance deposition. She's a very attractive young woman and does above average work in her school setting. She seems to be a normal every day child with a life of adventures awaiting her. Regina was the girl of my lifetime best friend and he accepted of the interview, however he wasn't present throughout the interview. The Interview happened on February 10 at about 5:00 pm it lasted about two hour with small breaks in between. The weather was cool and the sun had started to set as we started. I stumbled with Regina and asked her many questions that I believed were important in the process of this interview assignment. Regina demeanor was that of a juvenile delinquent being query about a crime. I new this was not a means to get near her nor set a bond of trust that will be crucial for her to open up to me. So I decided to play with a game that required her trust, this was shown to be a icebreaker because she began to open up slowly as I began the questions. The following questions are the questions that I introduced to her: 1. What makes you? 2. Do you like school 3. How do you pick your pals? 4. What makes children Popular in college? 5. Is there violence in your school? 6. Would you really feel safe in the school? 7. How is your self-esteem? 8. Would you consider yourself happy and joyful or down and depressed? 9. Have you ever or thought about using drugs or alcohol? I started off the interview by asking a very arcane and perplexing question to Regina; exactly what makes you? She was flabbergasted and didn’t know how to respond. She stumbled and stuttered to mention nearly nothing for approximately three minutes. Then she started to talk and speak she did. She outlined her comments with “People grow up all coming from all different types of places, families and backgrounds. They will all have different identities. Gender affects the decisions made by men and women. Their identity and the essence of the person make them behave the way they do. Nobody is the same and.

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