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Essay about Herman Melville's Billy Budd as Allegory of Good versus Evil

Herman Melville's Billy Budd as Allegory of Good versus Evil Herman Melville's Billy Budd joins an allegory of innocence versus bad by symbolizing Billy Budd, John Claggart, and Captain Vere as Jesus Christ, Lucifer, along with God. The protagonist in the novel is Billy Budd. The experiences that Billy undergoes throughout the publication parallel what Jesus Christ endured in his lifetime. Melville characterizes Billy Budd within a innocent man physically and mentally. The very first feature sailors would notice about Billy were his schoolboy attributes, with blond hair and blue eyes. His suave looks caused some individuals to refer to him as "the handsome sailor"(16). Most often sailors were scurvy men, very often with diseases, that made no effort to maintain a handsome appearance. With his handsome complexion and audio build he looks Hercules, one of those flawless Greek Gods of mythology (17). Billy's full name is William, but the sailors felt the name, Billy, was more suitable. Commonly only young innocent boys hold the title Billy, however, the sailors see the man within an innocent boy. Billy's innocence triggered the Dankser to give Billy a nickname because "...whether in freak of patriarchal irony touching Billy's youth and athletic frame or for some other and more recondite reason, by the very first in addressing him he [the Dansker] always substituted 'Baby' for 'Billy'"(35). The characteristics above verify Billy's innocent nature, just as Jesus Christ held the same innocent disposition. After Billy's catch from the Rights of Man, by impressment, he shows no guilt toward his old captain and shipmates for not protecting him. Billy, in addition to Jesus, can't hold a due to their innocent nature renders them incapable.

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