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The Republic of Iraq Essay examples

The civilization of Iraq, like no other country, has a rich amount of heritage which has evidence to over 5,000 decades back. Iraq has among the oldest cultural histories that its heritage has influence other countries ethics, faith, and way of life. In ancient history, the land between the two rivers in midland Iraq was common to most people as "The Fertile Crescent"; in which has seen the rise and collapse of several settlements and empires. The land of Iraq is as large as the state of California, covering an approximate 169,235 square kilometers. The people of Iraq consist of Arabs and Kurds, obtaining a strong bond within each other based on their ethnicity, religion, language, and tribe. Most folks in Iraq are modest farmers that are just trying to make ends meet. The national faith for the nation is Muslim and the national language is Modern Standard Arabic. Although the Iraqis lifestyle has changed lately due to time and modernization, within their culture some things will never change. The identical habit and courtesies have been habitual for centuries and remains in effect now. The Property of Iraq: Iraq is in the midst of other dessert such as states with a lot of the same similarities such as Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Turkey. The nation has eighteen different states with Baghdad as the capital. Iraq has three types of terrain characteristics that make it easy to identify exactly what portion of the country you are located. The desert is into the western aspect of the country and it is meagerly inhibited. To the north of the nation is a mainly mountainous area with a high peak of 3600 meters. Between the Tigris River and the Euphrates River are lots of fertile valleys. Both these rivers run from the northwest of the nation to...

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