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CREATED ON 25th March 2018

Statistics on Application of Herzberg's Theory in Bill's Auto Repair & Service

Program of Herzberg's Theory in Bill's Auto Repair & Service There are many diverse aspects which may influence behavior in an organization. A number of them are psychological in character. Based on Herzberg's Success -- Hygiene Theory psychological factors that motivate high productivity are linked to job satisfaction. Managers may motivate employees by offering them with motivators that satisfy some kind of need. There are also many factors inside an organization that may demotivate productivity. These factors include the ones which don't lead to satisfaction but instead dissatisfaction. Psychological elements that motivate high productivity in a firm will be examined based on Herzberg's Success -- Hygiene Theory. Herzberg's theory is going to be assessed and applied to a research on the organizational culture characteristics of Bill's Auto Repair, a local car repair shop. At length, it will inspect the dynamics behind those cultural traits that either motivate or demotivate high productivity in the workplace. Organizational behavior may be affected by many distinct elements including societal, economic, political and psychological. Employers are constantly trying to find out the heads of their employees. Managers attempt to hire candidates who will be motivated, create more and therefore turn into a competitive advantage to the business. Kreitner, (2010) describes the following: Motivation - emotional processes that arouse and direct aim -- led behavior. Scientists have suggested two general kinds of motivation concepts to describe psychological processes inherent worker motivation : Content concepts and Procedure concepts. Conten...

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