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CREATED ON 25th March 2018

Business Arrange for Sweetlings Essay

EXECUTIVE Overview Sweetlings is a distinctive dessert bakery, located at M.M Alam street. It is designed to be able to accomplish a belief that consuming a healthy, organic dessert can possess a significant effect on a person’s well-being and attitude, especially for individuals who believe in utilizing only natural ingredients. It could be simply referred to as a restaurant where customers can sit, relax and just forget about their worries and sorrows, having a business of selection of desserts in lots of flavors with healthful and 100 % natural ingredients in comfortable atmosphere. BUSINESS IDEA The owners of the bakery or restaurant are going to begin their business with Rs.50 lacs only at its initial stage. This amount is employed in fulfilling the necessity of beginning a business i.e. registering the continuing business, offering insurance to the cafe, buying of interiors and products for set-up, for e.g., Baking ovens, microwave ovens, freezers and refrigerators, computers, billing devices and other adornments etc., which are the long-term assets of the ongoing company. Other items which money is usually to be spent are electronic appliances like mixers, blenders etc., and utensils like crockery and cutlery etc., while inventory includes flour, sugar etc and other edible items necessary for making desired desserts. A significant portion of the amount of money is consumed for advertising purposes also. The major way to obtain the fund shall result from the investing companions of the restaurant. Other sources include long and short term loans from banks. In the projections for Cakes Tell Stories, the business begins with yearly sales around $228.55 thousand in its first year of procedure. With the development running a business and expansion into various other lines, Cakes Tell Tales manages to earn income of ab...

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