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CREATED ON 22nd March 2018

Technology's Influence on Music Essay

In the past a decade Auto-Tune provides been the loss of life of real music, simply as Charles Manson killed Sharon Tate. As the program didn’t hold a gun to music’s head, it had been the mastermind behind the decline of raw emotion. In the 70’s and 80’s music was a lot more than just perfect statistics and dance moves, music was true. When somebody got up to sing before an audience they actually sang, there is no other choice. In the 2000s though, whenever there’s a efficiency it’s commonplace to sing to a track. Because of Auto-Tune the majority of us don’t know what our favorite musicians really sound like even. Once you see performances from the 70’s and 80’s what do you consider of the vocals? Do you consider they’re much less fine-tuned as performances from the 2000’s are? In case you are done by you will be right. It’s really simple to see the subtle distinctions in performances from the last 25 years as a result of technology. Just compare KEEP ON Wayward Boy by Kansas to I Wish by THE TRICK Handshake and you’ll find what I mean. There is more interest in music in the 70’s and 80’s whereas in newer years it appears like many people are just out to market records and make an instant dollar. Whenever I view the video for Move Your Own Method by Fleetwood Macintosh it strikes me how gritty the audio is. Before Auto-Tune there is a simplistic character to music. Sure there have been elaborate productions during performances, such as for example Electric powered Light Orchestra’s monstrous space ship they found in concert, however the music itself was extremely pure as opposed to the standards established by the CFO’s of the record businesses in newer years. The thought of a live performance included instruments and singing unlike performances from the past due 90’s and on. It had been a comprehensive sensory overload in the 80’ and 70’s...

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