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Essay about Conservative Joys of Women in The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Conservative Functions of Men at The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath The ultraconservative atmosphere of this 1950's strains the Betty Crocker type of lady, satisfied with her small role in a male-dominated society, a person that simply communicates to the wants and fantasies of the opposite gender. The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath explored the consequences of society's conventional standards on a young girl coming of age. The principal character, Esther Greenwood, a nineteen year-old college student, receives messages about a woman's place in society during her life. Esther's ambitions of becoming a writer, specifically, a poet, are equally obvious. Carrying out these dreams in the 1950's is not so clear-cut, however. Esther's environment presses her to marry, sit down, have kids, to be the happy housewife. For a long time she puts on a façade, faking to be the woman everyone wants her to be, trying to please her loved ones along with everyone else in her life, until she mentally breaks down and attempts suicide. Her mother serves as the very first of her teachers from conveying this message. By way of instance, Mrs. Greenwood needs her kid to understand shorthand because it is going to get her a living until she can marry, as it can even get her a husband. She consistently highlights the value of Esther staying "pure", so that she can find the best of possible husbands. Therefore early on Esther recognizes that, for the majority of women, family and marriage comprise the main substance of their own lives. Esther receives more courses from her health care student boy, Buddy Willard. He often spits out opinions such as one day Esther will "stop rocking the ship and begin rocking the horn." He also says that after she has children she will "feel differently," and not wa...

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