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Education in America Essay

United States of America was the elite in almost everything, but this concept has been contested by many other industrial nations on earth. As an example, the USA has fumbled to fifth location, from first in 2008, "at a worldwide ranking of the world's most competitive economies," while Switzerland has a grid lock on third location, Singapore in 2nd place, along with Finland in fourth (HEILPRIN). Regrettably, market is the not the only sector that's crumpling down; the country put "14th in studying," "17th in mathematics," and also "25th in math" according to this 2009 Programme for International Student Assessment, PISA, that measure academic skill of 15-year-old high school pupils across the world ("USA TODAY"). What's more, between 1995 and 2008, the country slipped from second in school graduation rates into the 13th at 2008 ("USA TODAY"). As noticed, the U.S is slowly relinquishing its position as the world's leader. The one big factor that leads to the United States' degradation is the country's education system. As demonstrated by a recent analysis, founded by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD, along with Stanford University, U.S can bring in $41 trillion bucks into the market, if the American students can increase their PISA scores by 25 points at the next 20 years ("USA TODAY"). Since education produces the labour force, the further sophisticated, and also the more effective the education system will create a workforce which has the abilities required for the present competitive market. OECD along with Stanford's conclusion is important. On the other hand, the present condition of the country's education system gets the locating of OECD difficult to do. United States' education system has been degraded due to the syste...

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