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Mexico's Drug War Essay

A former manager of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency's Mexican office stated:" The heroin market abhors a vacuum" The truth in this statement could be extended to not only the heroin trade but also the commerce of many other drugs of abuse; from cocaine into methamphetamines, the illegal drug trade has had a means of fluidity that enables insert itself to any societal weakness. Much like every conventional commodity good, illegal drugs are not only a market in and of themselves, they've transformed into an integral part of the legitimate global economy. Whether or not military or law enforcement actions is the most sensible or expedient way of minimizing the ill-effects of the illegal drug trade is of little consequence to the understanding of the economic reality of its use in the USA continuing "War on Drugs". As it stands, not only has the illegal drug trade changed itself into a self indulgent global market, so also has the drug-fighting trade. According to a CNN report in 2012, in the 40 years since the declaration of "The War on Drugs", the United States Federal Government has spent roughly $1 trillion from the struggle against illicit drugs. Furthermore, a report from the New York Times in 1999 estimates that federal spending at the "War on Drugs" shirts $19 billion annually and state and local government spending nears $16 billion a year. Given the sheer magnitude of federal, state, and local spending in the combat of the illegal drug trade, one would reasonably expect the violence, death, and destruction that so often accompanies the epicenters of this drug economy could be deducted from the close proximity of the United States. While this expectation is completely reasonable to the.

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1 ) What was unique/different/strange about Ancient greek culture as compared with other cultures at the time?The things that had been unlike about the Greek culture compared to others may start with all their idea that theft was ok if it was some thing they ideal. When the Greeks took to the seas they will almost became pirates whenever they wanted something and in their particular eyes it absolutely was ok to accomplish this. The Greeks also resided without Kings and even divided..
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