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Reason for the Weak Essay

The idea of blind beliefs is often tough for rational people to comprehend. Rational people believe that each and every aspect of life has to be able to be explained with logic. However, rationalism and religion frequently come in conflict with one another, producing an exceptional strife from the minds of these unable to accept that which cannot be seen. In such divergence, the idea of nihilism can be implanted into the brain of people that are incapable of acknowledging human temperament and the spiritual and natural laws of existence. Nihilism, the rejection of all religious and ethical principles, often in the belief that life is futile can lead to turmoil and suffering from a society. With Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoevsky portrays that Russian nihilism, a doctrine based on extreme rationalism, will never successfully exist since it inherently contradicts human feelings, throughout the relentless evaluation of Raskolnikov’s adventures in a brand new society. In his own personal philosophy, Raskolnikov’s alienation from society leads him to think that he's superior to all, these isolation impelling him to make single sided notions about culture. Initially Raskolnikov tries to conceal himself from encountering others in the world around him, “Raskolnikov wasn't accustomed to crowdshe avoided society of every sort, more especially of late” (Dostoevsky 9). His closing mindedness closes himself off by interacting socially, but furthermore, intellectually along with other people, finally contributes to forming beliefs based solely upon private biases. His precepts in life fail to recognize the bigger image of his environment and the importance he plays in others’ lifetime, attracting him to believe that existence is meaningless. Raskolnikov is a dark character, extre...

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