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The Opium War along with Great Britain's Influences At China Essay

Even though westerners in China forced to maintain rights and normally oppose Chinese reformers who worked to better China, the Chinese government and society continued to confront internal issues. While westerners in China forced to maintain rights and generally oppose Chinese reformers who worked to better China, Chinese government and society faced internal problems. Being a most important target for imperialism, China faced much western influence. One of those events that marked the start of intense western influence was the situation regarding the Opium Wars. A primary imperialistic power, Great Britain, began trading China opium, a heavily addictive drug, in exchange for tea and silk. In the beginning, it looked like a positive idea -- that the Chinese formerly employed opium for medicinal purposes. With little time, the authorities began to realize to the best extent the corrosion opium caused and the way they must be wary of Great Britain. In an effort to delete Great Britain's influence, the Chinese started banning British cargo boats. Thus started the Opium War along with Great Britain's evident influences in China. A result of the Opium War that edged westerners to permeate China further was the creation of the unequal and unjust treaties, the Treaty of Nanjing and the Treaty of Tientsin. The majority of the rights hunted out of both treaties are very similar, being opening ports to western countries, the best way to start numerous trade routes, and paying for indemnities. However, the most important facet is the institution of extraterritoriality. Extraterritoriality is the case where if a foreigner violates the law or creates a crime, he's tried in his home nation. This is unjust because the offender will obtain an edge in his home country; their court wi...

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