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CREATED ON 21st March 2018

Essay about William Shakespeare's Sonnets and Philip Sidney's Astrophil and Stella

In truly Renaissance English artistic style, poets like Phillip Sidney and William Shakespeare negotiate poetic boundaries, while implementing Italian conventions. They manipulate the sonnet form and scale Castiglione's "ladder of love" throughout their poems. Sidney's Astrophil (Astrophil and Stella) behaves exceptionally, as Castiglione's Bembo (The Courtier) anticipates out of a young courtier; he is incapable of having the ability to see beyond bodily form. Shakespeare's speaker in "Sonnet 130" sees beyond form, almost to a fault. He berates his lover by straying from normal poetic closeness, but he does this because he sees beyond her physical beauty. Sidney implements predominantly traditional Petrarchan sonnets, but creates a caricature of a "sensual lover;" while Shakespeare experiments with style, and he produces an exceptionally "reasonable lover." Some scholars sharply contrast the two authors, claiming that Shakespeare's Sonnets negatively react to sonnets like Astrophil and Stella. On the other hand, both equally create distinctive stylistic adjustments to Italian conventions and Shakespeare borrows from Sidney in his poetic innovation. Castiglione's The Courtier summarizes various principles ingrained in courtly Renaissance civilization, and in his piece, he discusses the power of reasonable romance versus lusty love: Reasonable loves are more attentive to their loved ones' needs. Castiglione also has his character Bembo assert the lovers most effective at "fair love" are elderly men. He declares that young fans are more inclined to be carried away by feelings of "bitterness wretchedness jealousiesdesperations [and] suspicions" (715). Meanwhile, elder fans are vulnerable to take care of their girls with more sensitivity and elegance, which attra...

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