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Essay about The Collector by John Fowles

The Postmodernist Narrative Techniques in John Fowles's The Collector The English novelist John Fowles (1926-2005) was taught at Oxford and then started teaching English at different colleges in the UK and Greece. After his first book The Collector (1963) has been released and became a huge hit, he left his job and devoted his time to composing. The Collector's first draft development has been influenced by two occasions. The first one when Fowles attended Béla Bartók's opera Bluebeard's Castle (1911). Very similar to Your Collector's story, the opera speaks about girls who are imprisoned by a guy. Bartók's opera as Sherrill E. Grace says in his post "Courting Bluebeard with Bartók, Atwood, also Fowles : Modern Treatment of this Bluebeard Theme," has been " a modern adaptation of the Bluebeard motif that has frequently appeared in literature and other kinds of art because the medieval age," (Grace 1984,247). The Bluebeard motif concerns with the violence of man against girls. "I went to see the very first operation [in the 1950s] at London of Bartók's opera, Bluebeard's Castle. It was not a very good performance, but what struck me was the symbolism of the guy imprisoning women undercover," ( Vipond, 219) this is what Fowles explained in an interview according to Bartók's opera. The second occasion as Woodcock notes that Fowles read a newspaper story about a young guy who kidnapped a girl and imprisoned her for more than three months and Fowles explained that "You will find lots of strange features about this case that interested me," (Fowles quoted in Woodcock 1984, 27). The narrative of The Collector is about the kidnapping of Miranda Grey from Frederic Clegg, the only two main characters from the nove...

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