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The Benefits and Limitations of Strategic Planning for Organizations Essay

The Advantages and Limitations of Strategic Planning for Organizations "It was August of 1914 and Germany had committed virtually its whole army into the invasion of Belgium and France. Few German troops stayed to defend East Prussia against the invasion of 2 huge Russian armies. Despite the numerical inferiority, Colonel Hoffmann, leader of the German Eighth Army staff, made an audacious approach to encircle and annihilate one of the Russian armies. He began to plan a thorough assault. At precisely the same time, on a train traveling east, General Ludendorff, the incoming chief of staff of the reinforced German forces in East Prussia, identified the exact same opportunity and created the exact same strategy. Paul von Hindenburg, the new commander of German forces in the east, implemented the Hoffmann/Ludendorff strategy. At the resulting Battle of Tannenberg, only 10,000 of the 150,000 soldiers in the Russian Second Army escaped." [1] When discussing the idea of strategic planning many key words seem to arise. Plan, planning, detail, identify, opportunity and implement. The article above describes briefly a situation where every one of these keywords were practically utilized. Although this case has no obvious relation to the area of business, we can begin to examine what were the benefits and limitations of strategic planning for Colonel Hoffman and his troops. The obvious benefits of the strategic plan were that they'd be able to take the Russian soldiers by surprise, possibly allowing the Germans to obtain an edge in battle. But there were also limitations of the planned strategy. By way of instance there was only a little number Germa...

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The Alcohol RefreshmentAlcohol has existed longer than anyone could remember. It has been part of universe history and provides paved the road in the creation of many international locations around the world. No person really understands when alcoholic beverage was actually developed or arrived to production. Many believed it started coming from an random fortuitous of numerous fruits that fell from the tress tens and hundreds years ago. The incidental discovery of this..
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Hiv infections in african american males essay
HIV infections in Black Males had been a national growing problem since the early on 1990's. According to CDC, in the United States, you will discover more than you million people living with HIV. 48 percent are afro American males between the age groups 13-44(CDC, 2007). It is estimated that around 1 million people in the United States will be detect with HIV in the up coming year with all the lifetime risk of becoming attacked is one particular in 18 for dark-colored males..
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Versions of TruthAristotle defined real truth as, "In order for something to get true, it may in no way always be false". The Pragmatists, idealists, and Realists have all developed methods of determining these complete truths. The Pragmatists came up with a method that uses subjective experience and convenience in identifying truth. Pertaining to something to be a truth beneath the Idealist Theory of Coherence, the truth must cohere to other established truths...
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