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The Language of Antony and Cleopatra Essay

The Language of Antony and Cleopatra In act 1 scene 1, Philo begins by complaining to Demetrius which Cleopatra has transformed Antony from a wonderful general to a whore's fool. The scene is based on the genuine love affair and the love between both characters. However there's an ambiguous character into the passing, as we aren't given a clear indication of Cleopatra's feelings, if she is angry or whether it is all light hearted. The scene starts with Antony and Cleopatra entering, with excellent drama as Cleopatra has Eunuchs fanning her and attending her every need. Cleopatra is compelling Antony to describe just how much he loves her and that demonstrates her power and demand for the announcement of Antony's love. 'If it be love indeed, tell me just how much.' Antony nevertheless is calmer and softer in his language. He uses natural imagery by comparing his love for her to your 'new heaven, new earth.' This demonstrates that Cleopatra is more striking and that Anthony is poetic in his choice of language. A messenger then comes in Octavius, however Antony, clearly annoyed, orders the messenger to be brief. 'Grates me! The sum' This brief sharp sentence conveys Antony's anger but additionally, it portrays the language of Rome, which is confident and direct. By stating 'The amount' we can observe that he's not interested in Roman problems as he is overly engrossed in Cleopatra and that romance. Cleopatra, partly mocking, partly serious, chides Antony and informs him to listen to the message. But ultimately Antony refuses to listen to the message. Cleopatra talks with sarcasm and contains a projection tone . However, it may be observed that there's a clear severe undertone to that man...

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