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The French Lieutenant's Girl as Victorian Realistic Novel Essay

The French Lieutenant's Female as Victorian Realistic Novel Although The French Lieutenant's Female was created and cinematized in the 20th century and is dependant on today's film production of a bit of 19th century fiction, the whole stories and plots themselves have contextual components of a Victorian Realistic Novel. Regardless of the inability to and directly compare it with that of true Victorian literature accurately, many of the same components can be found and one another parallel. Some of the components of present day modern novels still bear a resemblance to their Victorian predecessors. The French Lieutenant's Woman can be viewed as an authentic novel because its subjects are of individuals residing in society and their relationships; more specifically, like, courtship, money, relationship, infidelity, and social complications of that time period (Agatucci, 2001). This could be contrasted to heroic, brilliant idealized or sensationalized plots of a Romance (Agatucci, 2001). In this full case, realistic category matches for both recent and present variations of the plot. Furthermore, the plot itself operates a course dependant on cause and impact logic and determinism, as opposed becoming influenced by the divine or supernatural and become predetermined (Agatucci, 2001). The characters and conflicts could be hazy as to who's the "hero" and "villain", their qualities certainly are a mix of both good and bad, strong and weak, plus they are not idealized like this of a classical hero (Agatucci, 2001). For instance, we wish for the primary heroes in The French Lieutenant's Female to find like and happiness with one another, but their affairs are elicit plus they are betraying others. The characters do not have the extreme components of the Byronic hero, which is a mostly.

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