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Writer on Romantic Poetry

Poetry is a varied art form. Poetry is saying with words, with aesthetics and definition. Word choice in poetry would be the one most important thing. Devices such as assonance, alliteration and rhythm function in a poem to convey a specific image or to ease comprehension. Similes and metaphors may take two unlike items, like a potato and cinderblock, and when done the proper way rely on them to describe how Abraham Lincoln coped with scoundrels. Poetry is beautiful. Among the greatest genres in poetry, let alone a great literary movement is Romanticism or even the post-enlightenment Romantics. Romanticism was a philosophical and literary movement in the middle to late Saturdays. It surfaced as a reaction to the Enlightenment Head of the afternoon, Romanticism favors more emotional and passionate objects, whereas the Enlightenment thinkers were focused on mathematics, and progress politically and economically. More than all, the Enlightenment thinkers were focused on rationality. Romantics have a deep affection for both irrationality, and love. Romantics use powerful emotion as a source of literary inspiration. Absolute originality was valued in Romanticism, before this idea copying past works was a vital step in the creative process. This movement changed and continues to affect all literary genres now. For instance, the Byronic Code, penned by George Gordon Byron, also known as Lord Byron, dictates that a hero in a story has to be a genius, gifted and a loner, and also the narrative must follow him because he becomes motivated and colorful to discover the solution. This is very similar to virtually all characters on television shows that are modern. Characters like House, The Mentalists’ Patrick Jane, and Sherlock Holmes penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are.

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