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CREATED ON 20th March 2018

Becoming Girls in Strenuous Circumstances and Using Writing as a Form of Comfort

What s a woman? A human creature? A daughter? A friend? A girl is all. She's sensitive and assertive, she is beautiful and unique and although she is all of these amazing qualities; in the time of World War II and the holocaust women no matter if they were German or Jewish or some other nationalities were throw in their classical sex role responsibilities. This is True for Anne in "The Diary of a Young Girl" by Anne Frank, and Liesel in "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. They needed to mature to a woman in rather unusual circumstances and used writing as a form of relaxation. Turning into a woman occurs in every girl's life throughout puberty, however for Anne and Liesel it occurs in rather unusual conditions. Anne is a thirteen year-old girl when she first goes into hiding at the annex; which is a secret living space, as she is Jewish in World War II. She turns fifteen just before the household is arrested. So her journal is really a firsthand experience on her challenges of childbirth under these unusual conditions, and the difficulties she fights with that are universal for all women going through puberty. Like any normal young girl growing up she speaks about her sexuality. Just in Anne's case, she does not have any close friends to talk about these experiences or feelings with as she's in hiding. She writes in her journal about what she's learning about herself. As she grows up and starts to compare herself for her mother and to other women like her sister, then this becomes obvious when she falls for the boy named peter from the secret annex and states "I understand I am starting at a really young age. Not even fifteen and already so independent- that's a little hard for other people to comprehend. I'm pretty certain Margot would never kiss a boy unless...

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