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CREATED ON 20th March 2018

The Shipping News Essay

The Shipping News Just as Newfoundlanders must confront the sea, endure it, so people must face life's traumas and discover the will to go on. To what extent is Proulx saying people need to 'weather the storms' of life and reconcile the past with the future? To face life's storms isn't to reconcile the past with the future, which means to be happy with it, but to confront the past, defeat it, then take it. Acceptance in this example, meaning to acknowledge the past, also admit it cannot be changed. It doesn't have to be understood, only recognised as a tool that has occurred. In approval, feelings of anger, regret and guilt are dissipated. These are the steps which are to be obtained so as to cope, "weather the storms" of life and move forward. All the characters in the novel have to cope with their own lives, some of which are more difficult than others. Quoyle had many traumatic events in his life, and till he moved to Newfoundland that he wasn't working with them. It had been through help from the others he could face, conquer and take his past to begin truly coping with life. Other characters, including Wavey and Agnis have to confront, conquer and take their pasts to cope and get on with life. Even though it is not an issue of life and death as to if the characters cope with life, they will need to face it . Newfoundlanders undertake this thought, and find out how to face, conquer and accept what happens in their own lives. Wavey has her own previous to confront and accept. Through the novel and her development of the relationship with Quoyle, she must learn how to trust again after her husband's treatment of her , and accept his death. She did so through her connection with Quoyle, by learning how to develop a mutually receptive and trusting relationship. Their trust was designed but a sharing of common painful experiences with their spouses, in a secure and comfortable environment. Wavey was able to share her secrets with Quoyle, as he was able to talk about his with her first. "The way Quoyle talked about his love, but not the girl? Could pull one from her skein of secrets." (Pg 307) Wavey's hope empowers her to accept her husband's behavior towards her and his passing, so that she can proceed in her life. Another illustration of a trusting relationship that's formed is one with Agnis along with the new Quoyle fam...

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