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CREATED ON 20th March 2018

Essay on Online Censorship

Internet Censorship There is a growing discussion about censoring the web. Some folks believe the web is protected under the first ammendment and cannot be censored. Other folks think that some of the material that is on the internet has to be filtered and controlled. The word censorship is defined as examining any substance and prohibiting what's objectionable, according to Webster's II dictionary. Censoring the world wide web is a violation of their first ammendment rights of every citizen in the USA. There are two general truths that some people feel are attitudes towards censoring the internet. The first is that hardly any men and women admit to favoring it. The second is that no matter who you are, in a matter of minutes spent surfing the net almost anyone can find something that they find to be offensive. Actually, some internet surfers feel that the truly inappropriate things are motivated by an individual's own religion. For instance, the Nurenberg Files website showed pictures of mangled fetuses with the photograph, name, and address of several abortion clinic physicians. If someone should happen to kill one of the doctors then an 'X' was put over their image. This site may not hurt a child, but it would appear that the focus today is on what's inappropriate for the child to see. What about the adults? A website such as this "clearly acts to corrupt and deprave the adults that take it seriously" (Brown 48). Still another reason for not censoring the world wide web is that the emotional effects it can have on a child. The filtering of the net can tell a kid that adults don't trust them to browse the net by themselves. This can cause them to believe that it's impossible for them to make their own decisions, and a computer determines what appropriate and wr...

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