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Galileo's Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina, 1695 Writer examples

In 1695 Galileo wrote a Letter to The Grand Duchess Christina. This letter discussed the relationship between the traditional biblical beliefs of the time (the cornerstone on which their culture was assembled), scientific discoveries, and their correlation with one another. The goal of the letter was to advise that the scientific discoveries being made were not hearsay or contradictory to the Bible, rather they were natural laws, which might coincide with Scriptural centered beliefs, but not to oppose them. In the Letter to The Grand Duchess Christina, Galileo suggests that science is the means in which G-d intended for humankind to understand scriptural truths. This belief may be applied to the current day by discovering equilibrium, and in turn allowing for a balanced lifestyle. In his signature to The Grand Duchess Christina, Galileo challenged the widely recognized religious beliefs of the time, claiming that the conflict lies in their own interpretation, not the context. Back in Galileo’s eyes science has been a very valuable tool that could and should have been used in interpreting the Scriptures. He contended that “the intention of the Holy Ghost is to teach us how one goes to heaven not how paradise goes” (Grand Duchess). The objective of science was not to cancel what the bible teaches; rather its goal was to help clarify the teachings of the scriptures. Moreover, it was “prudent to affirm that the holy Bible can never talk untruth-whenever its true significance is understood” (Grand Duchess). However, because of the language where the bible has been introduced the understanding of what the Scripture defined as reality was skewed. The Bible was written so that the frequent person can understand it and follow its commandments. The people also showed a larger inte...

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