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Andrew Jackson Essay

Andrew Jackson “We cannot end up being intimidated from performing that which my wisdom and mind inform me can be best by any earthly power.” This quotation by Jackson underlies the reality the he was a selfish, tyrannical leader. He do not really make decisions structured on the passions of the entire country but on his personal personal advantage, in search of personal- accomplishment. Although he was described or probably altered the people to think that he was a chief executive for the common guy, that was basically not really the method he served. As president, he ignored the power of the Judicial branch to judge laws purposely, and focused the billed power of the Professional part above the limitations in the Cosmetic. He was said to be rude and uneducated also, which might have led to the great factors why he was such a power starving tyrant; but before one makes this harsh judgment they must recognize the kind of life that Andrew Jackson lived first. It almost certainly was the primary reason why his thought process was so different from the regular wealthy, educated earlier presidents. The third kid of Irish migrants, he became a member of the Military when he was just thirteen years outdated. Although he was young he had developed hatred towards the British already, because his oldest brother was killed fighting in the Revolution. Though Jackson was an outstanding knight actually, both him and his middle sibling had been captured by British isles soldiers. After their mom pleaded for their discharge, the kids had been arranged free of charge, but credited to the poor living circumstances of the military camp, Jackson’s family members was conquer by the smallpox disease. Departing him all only in lifestyle. This distressing period in his existence could possess been the begin of all his mental complications. It appears that trouble almost found Jackson. After being a attorney for only a few years, an argument with another attorney in the town led to an insult. Ultimately Jackson questioned the guy to a duel. Things did not look good for Jackson's opponent because Jackson was a notoriously good shot, but at the last minute Jackson offered his enemy some bacon and a joke, and they together laughed. This displays Jackson got the billed power to change people. In simply a few years of law Jackson, eighteen met his soon to be wife now, Rachel Robards. There was a little issue thoughRachel was wedded. But Jackson getting the frightening guy that he was, performed with a large blade during the divorce trial; this g...

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