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Assessment in the Language Classroom Essay

I. Introduction Assessment is very important to the schooling process since it allows teachers diagnose students' issues, strengths and supply positive, supportive and useful responses to students since it measures not just the pupils' performance, but also, the progress they're making (Lennon, 2012, p.4). At the same token, an article about classroom evaluation states that "assessment is a systematic process of gathering information about what a student knows, is ready to perform, and is learning to perform". In addition, the information gathered in the assessment process provides the foundation for decision-making and preparation for learning and instruction. In conclusion, assessment is an essential part of education that enriches, permits, and celebrates student learning (Classroom Assessment, n.d. p.3). Seeing the important role that evaluation plays in the language classroom, the key aim of the paper will be to devise a formal progress test for analyzing the communicative use of language with a target group. Therefore, to justify the test in connection with its theoretical foundation, firstly, the kind of test based on purpose will be shown. Second it'll be discussed whether the test could be considered second, or third generation. Thirdly, the principles of language testing will be summarized in regard to the test made. Fourthly, relevant scales. Fifthly evaluation description and directions for marking the test will be described and finally the conclusion is going to be given. II. Evaluation Type Based on its Purpose The test type is a progress test, based on Bachman (1990), progress tests provides relevant information to make adjustments or alterations to the programme. This test was intended for a pre-intermediate course and it was c.. .

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