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Willy Russell's Educating Rita Essay

From your study of Willy Russell's Educating Rita, describe which character in the play changes the most Explain: · How the characters shift · The personalities function in the play · How the playwright employs striking devices · the way the usage of language shows these changes · How these changes reflect the societal, cultural and historical background. The drama 'Educating Rita' was composed by Willy Russell at 1985, for most of the 'Rita's' and all the 'Frank's' in the audience. The play is based on Willy Russell's life therefore it might be interpreted as an autobiographical play. Just like Rita, Russell did not study at school so that he did not have any specific levels, so that he wanted an instruction to break free from Hairdressing like Rita wanted an education to find out what she would become. At this point in the play Frank can inform Rita anything and she will listen and believe it all. As time goes on she looses this appetite for knowledge due to summer school along with her flatmate Trish that radically changes Rita. At the end of the play both characters appear to have changed roles, Rita comes back from the summer school and knows more then she ever thought she can and finds that the 'formal students' are not as nice and smart as she believed. Franks connection with Julia is breaking down and the banishment into Australia seems increasingly more imminent. Both appear to swap functions because Frank was able to inform Rita items and she would attempt to comprehend it, but the yield from summer college demonstrates that she has memorised Blake poetry and contains significantly altered. Rita is driven from the necessity for schooling, having realised the life has more to offer then her regular existence in the hairdressing salon. Rita claims to Frank that b.. .

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