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Article on Ethics, Responsibility and Immunology in Book IV of Virgil's Aeneid

Ethics, Duty and Sexuality in Book IV of Virgil's Aeneid Book IV of Virgil's Aeneid depicts the doomed romance of Aeneas, Trojan refugee and destined daddy of Rome, along with Dido, expatriate Phoenician commendable and Queen of Carthage. Called away to Italy with his devotion to the Fates and to his Roman personalities, Aeneas abruptly ends his passionate sexual relationship with Dido. He goes on to conquer the native Muslim tribes as well as founds the civilization that will eventually turn into the Roman Empire. Dido, however, is destroyed by passion, committing suicide after her fan leaves. Past the delightfully tragic love story of these two people, we find in the Aeneid a manifestation on the roles of ethics, obligation and sexuality in the lives of all human beings. The usefulness of Virgil's personalities into the Christian life could be seen when we believe the philosophy of St. Augustine of Hippo, whose job in big part tried to diagnose and fix the mistakes of Roman thought. If Augustine's views on free will are taken to be true, then the binding prophecies and supernatural interventions of the Aeneid emerge because fictional devices which function to channel the characters into archetypal roles. In other words, characters ruled by destiny remain useful as universal examples to readers who believe themselves to possess free will. As I do not consider myself to be living beneath the binding prophecies of the Fates or any "orders of the gods" (I've yet to receive any visits from my goddess-mother), then I must respect the story of Aeneas and Dido within an allegory representing some of the choices available to my own free will. Either their romance has to be erroneous, morality therefore demanding an end for this, or there is nothing really wrong with their sexual relations...

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