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CREATED ON 19th March 2018

Essay about The Benefits of a High Heeled Population

Construction of Main Arguments The benefits of a high immigrant population are apparent in almost every walk of life. Their overall contribution to the general economy is show as a positive one and there improvements to the quality of the workforce are also rather note-worthy. First, let us turn our eyes to something that's indisputable in economics. Even among individuals who assert that immigration is not favorable still have to accept the fact that complete the United States' gross national product (G.D.P) increases. The Center of Immigration research' Camarota Steven (Immigration and the U.S. Economy 2010) an opponent to immigration states that the G.D.P. is increased by 0.24 percent. This may seem small and insignificant, but remember that the inhabitants of the United States is very large and G.D.P. is not the one thing that an economy profits from the introduction of more foreign labour. Senator Larry Obhof (The irrationality of enforcement? An economic analysis of U.S. migration law) wishes for a policy that will increase the ease at which immigrant workers from countries such as Mexico can come work in the United States. He says the following points “ (1) Increase the quality of the work force, (2) bring new ideas and know-how to U.S. Businesses, which may lead to innovation, (3) transfer new skills and knowledge for their native colleagues, (4) increase diversity in the workplace...” Now lets take the time to look at each one of these points individually. Increasing the quality of the workforce can be viewed as many things. To start with we could say that it refers to the wonderful compliment that immigrants give to the native-born workforce. According to Immigration Policy Center (Strength in diversity, 2010) the immigrant populac...

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