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Essay Drug Use in Music Festivals

Since the earliest days of human culture music has been a vital tool for communicating of tales which carried emotions through them. If we think back to our youngest years of life music has surrounded us whether it was from our parents singing us lullabies or by some kind of toy that played music we can declare that musical melodies have helped shape or lifestyles one way or another. After we begin growing up and figuring out that we are our musical tastes change; a few folks like classical and a few like punk. We start to befriend people who like the identical music as us and eventually we might attend a musical occasion. Our lives somewhat revolve round the music that we listen to. We perform music loudly with our friends and families in social gatherings and finally it makes a open and friendly atmosphere. The last thing we'd consider is that at one of these social events one of us might die. In the past several decades there've been more and more deaths and injuries at musical festivals all across the USA. Even though the amount is a lot lower than deaths and deaths from automotive accidents they shouldn't be over looked. Music festivals are becoming increasingly more popular and people are flocking to festivals all around the United States. These songs festivals in today's society have become drug infested parties where people's live are endangered and individuals themselves are exposed to drugs and unsafe holiday conditions.       A hand filled with their hottest music festivals in the world are located in the United States of America. Today ultra is just one of the biggest music festivals on the planet. Allowing its origins to other countries you could call ultra a success, that wasn't so fifteen decades ago when founder...

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