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Use of Figurative Language in Daddy by Sylvia Plath Essay

The figurative language in the poem "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath can be used to discover a deeper significant of this poem. By employing figurative language during the poem like imagery, symbolism, and wordplay, Plath shows hidden messages about her connection with her dad. Plath uses symbols of Nazis, witches, dimension, and communication to help reveal a message about her dad. In Plath's poem she often uses figurative language about Nazis and the Holocaust. Plath depicts herself as a victim by saying she's just like a Jew, and her dad is like a Nazi. Plath uses a train engine for a metaphor for her dad speaking the German English, and also to portray herself as a victimized Jew being removed into a concentration camp. Plath states "And the language obscene / A motor, and engine / Chuffing me off like a Jew" (Plath 30-32). This shows the delicate metaphor of the train engine being her daddy talking the German language and the way she feels she's a prisoner. Plath uses other subtle metaphor which connect her dad discreetly to the Nazis when she utilizes German words like "Luftwaffe" (42) that is the German air force, also "Panzer-man" (45) who were the guys who manned the German tanks. Another example of Plath using figurative language to depict her dad as a Nazi could be found when she uses an allusion to Hitler's mustache and the blue eyes of Aryans. "And your neat moustache / And your Aryan eyes, bright blue" (Plath 43-44). The usage of this allusion provides the father the image of Hitler himself and helps build the descent of her father as a Nazi. Towards the close of the poem Plath begins to be more blunt in portraying her daddy as a Nazi. She's the metaphor of her dad not being as God, but instead lik...

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