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Liberation Thought and Bhakti-yoga Essay

Liberation is a prominent ideology worried during the formation and maturation of history Hinduism. Generally speaking, the religious school of Indian philosophy is multiform using various trends, but largely focused on describing critical problems like the phenomenon of nature, the significance of life, the origin of human suffering, along with the path, that's the best way to help individuals liberation from the suffering of life. In the same way as any other ancient Indian religions' thoughts, Hinduism also aims at the ultimate liberation. This is well expounded within its characteristics and practices. For Hinduism, the greatest liberation is coming into Braham. Based on Bhagavad Gita, there are 3 ways of practice that lead to liberation. ¬¬¬¬. These are janna-yoga (the way of knowledge), bhakti- yoga (the practice of devotion) and also karma-yoga (the plan of activity). In other words, one can practice one of these approaches to achieve union with God. This paper that I will analyze a few important aspects of bhakti-yoga and how it can lead one to achieve ultimate liberation--reunite to Atman. By doing this exploration, I hope to help the reader broaden their knowledge on liberation in Hinduism. As Radhakrishnan states we can scale the mountain from different paths, but the view from the summit is identical for everybody. II. What does liberation way in Hinduism? The moksha term is often translated as salvation or liberation. In Longman Dictionary, liberation is described as the act of freeing prisoners, a town, a nation, etc.. Based on Hinduism, moksha, mukti from the cycle of suffering and rebirth (samsara) is the ultimate aim of human existence. Much was written about the nature and path of discharge. Authentic liberation means freeing of an individ...

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