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CREATED ON 16th March 2018

The Coloristic Virtuosity of Venetian Painting as Exhibited by Andrea Schiavone's "The Relationship of Cupid and Psyche"

Sixteenth hundred years artwork concentrated on specific creative designs, which helped a great deal of artists develop essential features in their art work. The end of the High Renaissance and a turn towards what would later be defined as the Baroque style marked this time period. Andrea Schiavone’s The Relationship of Cupid and Mind displays the ideal mix of acquiring different features from the professional artists before him and creating his very own design. The mixture proven in his depiction of The Marriage of Cupid and Psyche is of Titian and Parmigianino, both of whom had been great grasp artists during the Renaissance. He combines the significant brushwork of Titian with the weirdly serpentine kinds of Parmigianino to even more his very own stylistic ways. The Dalmatian designer looked at designs and artwork from all over central and north Italia for motivation. Throughout his career as an artist Schiavone remained grounded in the techniques and coloristic virtuosity of Venetian Mannerist painting. Andrea Schiavone created a technique to differentiate himself from the expert artists before him. This design is usually proclaimed by a feeling on incompleteness and feathery brushwork. The painting The Marriage of Cupid and Psyche shows Schiavone at his best because it is the perfect example of the harmony between Titian and Parmigianino. The sinuous lines portrayed in the painting provide it a great deal of sex charm, while his heavy duty color handling will keep it from cloying. In this ongoing function Schiavone causes you believe recent the approved ideas of what is definitely best, and concentrate on the beauty that lies past right and wrong instead. The painting itself is of Venetian origins, dating back to 1550. It is composed of oil on wood and it was octagonal in form originally. The corners were add...

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