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Health Differences and Availability in Urban and Rural Regions Essay

People throughout their lives listen about "city people" and "country people". Whether it was city folks were snobby or country people were dumb, there have been biases against both. However, many folks don't know the significance of rural and urban, nor do they understand about how health contrasts between the two. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of urban is "of, relating to, characteristic of, constituting a city. (Merriam-Webster). Rural is defined as "of or concerning the country." (Merriam-Webster). There are 312,486,525 individuals living in America at October 24, 2011 at 4:20p.m. (Unknown). Approximately 65 million Americans reside where there aren't enough primary care providers. (Herzer and Seshamani). Of this amount, almost 50 million reside in rural areas. (Herzer and Seshamani). But what's shocking is that although most of these people reside in rural areas, only 9 percent of the United States' physicians practice in those regions. (Quality). This is a result of the fact that physicians in urban areas earn more money and have more chance at development in their professions. Just as their definitions are complete opposite, are they gaps in medical care. In urban areas and towns, there are hospitals in virtually every town. The hospitals in these regions are known to have high quality of the line equipment and have top-notch medications. They're also very first to find the most recent advancements in engineering. This is a huge aid in the capability to treat massive numbers of individuals as quickly and efficiently as they perform. Urban hospitals have the proceeds to possess many research programs, which help boosts their popularity and efficacy. Rural hospitals across the other hand aren't so lucky. In a lot of rural areas there.

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