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Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw Essay

Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw George Bernard Shaw's dad, George Carr Shaw, was an alcoholic which intended very little money was allocated to Shaw's education, he was mainly self-taught therefore, since he was self-taught he never really had ideas pressured upon him, this triggered him to turn right into a strong minded person that expressed his opinions. He was a socialist and a critic who thought in equality strongly. Shaw wrote many plays, which expressed his opinions, probably the most famous being Pygmalion. Shaw uses Pygmalion showing the superficial basis of the course system. Pygmalion is defined in London, in the first 1900's when the distinction between classes was even more defined. I really believe Shaw decide to arranged the play in London since it has the widest selection of classes and would make it much easier for him showing how false the course system is really. There may be the queen who is regarded as of the best class and folks living on the roads who are believed to be of the cheapest course. Shaw uses Pygmalion showing how false the course program is and how it really is predicated on superficial ideas. Shaw displays that individuals can't be placed into categorise when he makes the people surpass the boundaries of the groupings they have positioned in. Among the characters to get this done is usually Eliza, who exceeds the boundaries of lower course. " I'm an excellent female I am." She demonstrates she actually is well mannered, and provides even more morals than Higgins. She also shows herself to possess a large amount of pride and self-respect. Through Higgins and Pickering's perceptions of Eliza, we are proven that the class system is all in your brain of the beholder and how it really is perceived differently in each individual. Higgins views Eliza as lower course; "I deal with a duchess as though she had been a flowe...

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