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Degradation of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Jazz age proved to be a convivial time known for innovation, imagination, and women pushing the limits of their new found liberty, but it was also a time of mourning and loss following the conclusion of World War I. The combination of these emotions is what created the roaring twenties therefore special, yet unstable. Ahead of the temple, the American dream was to earn a steady income and raise a family in the wonderful country that's America, however during the temple that the American dream became much more diminished as people worked for riches and luxuries that just a few could manage. In The Great Gatsby the principal characters are striving for this particular dream of wealth in a turbulent setting, but ironically are blinded by the joys of the Jazz age and they do not realize until it's too late and that they've been walking away in their own fantasies. During the Jazz age people partied, drank, and danced to their heart’s articles, but little did they understand that they have been losing sight of their American dream. Daisy's life is full of enthusiasm and riches, she gets practically everything she needs and feels like she's got all of it. As a man of high society she treats individuals below her with disdain, even her cousin. ВЂњWhat shall we do with ourselves this afternoon...and the day after that, and also another thirty years?” (Fitzgerald 118). The Jazz era had changed Daisy and influenced her to become helpless as she attempts empty love, pleasure and money. It's just when Gatsby comes along she realizes that she's been missing something. Gatsby was her first love, however she Swart 2 married Tom because he had cash and sometimes she was more a denizen of Tom's mansion compared to his wife. Now she had been recklessly perusing something that she might never consumed, Gatsby. She was stuck...

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