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CREATED ON 13th March 2018

Writer on Civilization Versus Savagery at Golding's Lord of the Flies

"Man has demonstrated that he is master of all - except his own character." This quotation from Henry Miller shows that even the best of people can be enticed and perplexed by their own nature. Such as the symbolic pig's head trapped at the calm woods draining, all innocence and beauty can be mutated when order is overthrown by impulse actions. In William Golding's novel, Lord of the Flies, a fundamental motif is present demonstrating the corrosion of culture, along with the overpowering of savagery, resulting in the abandonment of moral thoughts and actions inside someone. The great thing about the island is burned away gradually as the fiery enthusiast of savagery tries to overwhelm the boys. The attractiveness of the island represents the charm of law and morals which maintain order, although the pig's head symbolizes the immoral and wicked, and the product of activities not contemplated. Golding tries to convey that both savagery and civilization exists in a person, and when savagery emerges, it conquers the civilization and brings out a person's inner impulses and animalistic traits, as opposed to logic and morals. Civilization guides order and keeps people in check with their activities, whilst conscience is the sense of legislation present internally, building a person aware without reinforcement of wrongdoing. The concept of civilization solely is present in the publication via Ralph and Piggy, who simply take in the most consideration for their actions. Both civilization and conscience are equally vital in maintaining and keeping order, which is why the pair of Ralph and Piggy work well together, as they stay mostly uncorrupted by the evil attribute, savagery. The wholeness of Ralph's thoughts, in maintaining the island such as a functioning city, proves that his civil notions...

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