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The Effects of Seclusion and Restraints on the Treatment Results of Patients in Mental Health Ward

Introduction This literature review is focusing on discussing the consequences of seclusion and restraints on treatment impacts of individuals in mental health area. Seclusion and Restraint are utilized for controlling both the behavioral patterns of their mentally ill patients in various surroundings composed of psychiatric management facilities and hospitals (for exampleKentley, 2009). Over the years, comprehensible consensus has proven fact that seclusion and restraints are protected interventions of last alternative and application of those interventions should and can be diminished significantly (Knight, 2011). But, recent research indicated that it is traumatic for patients experiencing or seeing restraint and seclusion traumatic; sufferers may feel elevated levels of stress, anxiety, and anger after aware that restraint is going to occur, sometimes it could causing an exacerbation of patient’s mental condition (Stewart et al, 2010). On account of the humanitarian, ethical, and legal problems which could cause, seclusion and restraints are known as the most controversial management strategies (Holmes, Kennedy consequently, additional researches and research related to the effects and risk managements of using seclusions and restrains will be discussed in below. Methodology several different approaches were implemented to be able to gather articles for this review. To narrow the search attention and to avoid vague information relevant nursing journals; psychological health related books; posts on seclusion and restraints consequences on therapy outcomes were analyzed for availability and appropriateness of articles. The secondary study was further restricted to 2004 and broader...

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