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Article on The 2 poems I have Picked on the theme of love Are Now Porphyrias

The two poems I've chosen on the theme of love are Porphyrias Lover' by Robert Browning and Stop All The Clocks by W.H Auden. A Comparison of Two Poems About Love. The two poems I've picked on the subject of love are all 'Porphyria's Lover' by Robert Browning and 'Stop All The Clocks' from W.H Auden. 'Porphyria's Lover', a stunning monologue was written as a bit of entertainment in Victorian days, it could have been acted out to a viewer. The storyline of this suggestion is that Porphyria was visiting someone under her own social group and nobody knew about their connection. She left the party early to go and visit him as shown in the lines "When glided in Porphyria ; strait she shut the cold out and the storm" even they both knew that they could never be together eternally. 'Stop All The Clocks' is all about the death of a much loved partner, The speaker wants all the normal thing in his life to quit happening and he also wants the entire world to cease. Now he's lost the love of his life that he does not have any motive to go on some more, as revealed in the lines "Stop all the clocks, cut off of their phone, stop the dog from barking with a juicy bone" 'Porphyria's Lover' a very dramatic monologue as revealed in the lines "and strangled her. No pain felt she, I am very sure she felt no more pain." This indicates that there is a use of language that is dramatic, he did not need her to feel pain because he loved her, additionally, it emphasises the point that she's dead. This poem is written as a long story, comprising one long stanza. The poem is written in first person like there is an imaginary speaker, the youthful guy. Nobody knows who he could be, perhaps Browning learned about the story from real life and turned it onto a poem. Al.. .

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