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CREATED ON 13th March 2018

Essay on Democracy and the Internet

As the times change, so does the latest technology. From the mid-1900's it was the television, before the radio, and in the late-20th and 21st century we've got the world wide web. With the coming of each new media outlet audiences and media moguls migrate. Together with the migrations are the politicians that try to use the new kind of media to more easily reach the public. It has come to the point at which the web progressively work with democracy straight; some elections in the United States even going so far as to maintain online polling in a general election. "Online voting is increasingly making its way int our political process," writes President Dick Morris, "the 2000 Arizona Democratic Primary tallied 39,942 online votes," (Morris 1034). But should the internet truly be used to such amounts in the case of democracy? That is an ongoing debate among scholars on the topic. 1 aspect to consider is whether or not the many accusations saying that the internet is an aid to terrorism outweigh the positive effects of the way the internet has strengthened democracy and has had a crucial role in turning oppressed nations into less oppressed, democratic states. On the subject of terrorism being aided by the internet, making it much easier for terrorist factions leaders to inform their people, may it not be argued that these factions leaders may use different methods of communicating, maybe just a bit less effectively and therefore nullifying the accusation that the internet is the culprit? After extensive research, it's apparent that the net doesn't harm democracy; on the contrary, the web strengthens it in a manner that no other kind of media has ever done previously. In their book "Democracy and the Internet: Allies or Adversaries...

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