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The Meaning of the Term Totalitarianism Essay

The Meaning of the Term Totalitarianism Totalitarianism was a one-party political system that was based on dictatorship. It first began in Europe in the 1920s and 30s. It was an absolutism that emphasized the value of the state at the expense of human liberties. It displays these attributes: One-party dictatorship and one-man principle were highlighted in a totalitarian state. Only one party dominated in a totalitarian state, as an Example, the Fascist Part at Italy, the Nazi Party in Germany and the Communist Party in the Soviet Union. All other political parties were created illegal, prohibited and commanded by terrorist actions. The celebration and the part leader had complete control across the nation. All citizens owed complete obedience to the ruler, for example, Il Duce in Italy and also Fuhrer at Germany. Opposition has been suppressed. The totalitarian government can tolerate no opposition. All opposition parties, newspaper and opponents were suppressed by terrorist actions, persecution and key police. Secret authorities were set up to arrest and watch competitions, by Way of Example, OVRA at Italy, '' Gestapo in Germany and Cheka at Soviet Russia. The totalitarian government commanded public and thoughts opinions. The totalitarian government commanded public and thoughts remarks throughout censorship, religion, mass media and instruction. Textbooks were altered to glorify the nation, and were used to make loyal citizens, e.g. children in Germany were forced to join the Hitler Youth to produce loyal Nazis. The totalitarian government owned or supervised all industrial phenomena. All financial creation served the interests of these.

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