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Article on Military Strategy and Tactics of the Civil War

The American Civil War was one of the deadliest wars in American history, leading to 620,000 casualties of soldiers and undetermined amount of civilian casualties. Southern slave states announced their withdrawal from United States and formed the Confederate States of America; also know as "The Confederacy." Northern twenty states with no captivity and five slave states in north came to understands since the Union. Many plan and tactics were used during the American Civil War. So as to understand the military strategy and procedures of Union and the Confederacy, an individual has to comprehend the manpower each side needed, past war experience of their controlling officers on the side, and using rivers and railroad to their benefits. The Union had twenty states on its side including five which have been slave states. That meant that they could put up a mass amount of Army from each state. When the war arrived, the North had a total population of twenty million million people of which 1.3 million were industrial workers. The South just had nine million individuals with 110,000 industrial functions. However, most Southern counties had a vast majority of non-white persons, slaves, which were not drafted to the war effort other than looking after agricultural businesses. Especially in South Carolina, white population had been outnumbered by slaves by roughly 100,000. Before beginning of the war and throughout the course of war, the immigration remained steady from the Union and the Confederacy. Immigrants were somewhat a component of Civil War also. Immigrant routine had remained stable prior to and during the war. Many different Kinds of immigrants came to America before and during the Civil War. Of those, Irish and Germans were the biggest migrating group. Over 200,0...

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