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Essay on Marriage in Ancient Roman Culture

Every civilization has union rituals that help distinguish them from each other. Traditions and customs from ancient Roman wedding styles wasn't too distinct from bridal etiquette today. Their wedding customs have really place the foundation for many contemporary weddings today. However, there were some customs that were very important to the Romans that do not completely relate to modern traditions. An engagement ring, the choice of which date and place, the dressing of the bride, along with the legalizing of the marriage itself were all important to the Ancient Roman civilization. Ahead of the wedding took place, several things needed to happen. The bride had to get engaged. Engagement before the marriage was considered a good manner but was not always required. The couple would then have to choose the date they would get married on. A good deal of attention went into choosing the date of this wedding since there were times that were considered both lucky and unlucky. When the wedding day came about many matters took place. On the wedding , the bride partook to a lot of items, including the dawn of prep, which generally involved picking flowers for her hair and getting dressed. Ancient Roman men offered their women a ring as a symbol of ownership. The group was the sign of eternity, without a beginning and no end. The hole at the middle of this ring represented a gateway leading to events both unknown and known. These rings were known as betrothal rings. They were made from iron, to symbolize strength and permanence. The costlier the material has been demonstrated the wealth of the giver, which was why iron was the most common ring material. The Romans were the first to wear the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand, otherwise referred to as the ring.

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