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Essay about A Storm Story - First Writing

A Storm Story - First Writing Usually I could have cared less about a the coming of a hurricane. Many had gone and come causing little damage in their wake. This one however, with winds traveling upwards to one hundred and forty miles per hour, proved to be a power to be reckoned with. Hurricane Jeff had left a devastating path of destruction every where it went and made everyone fearful. It was big and it moved extremely slow, like to relish its work. Many were killed so far and countless were still missing. It had been like the storm needed to set an example for people who wanted to test its strength. What delivered fear ricocheting through my stomach was the simple fact that we were in the projected path of the barbarous mortal monster. The first gust of wind came with biting strength. It shook the trees making the branches dancing. The sky was frighteningly dark, and it seemed like God was about to pour down his wrath at any time. The sky burst setting down colossal raindrops that pounded the roof and a roar of thunder that was metallic and angry shook me to my own bones. Lightening flashed at every angle, like a fire works display gone wrong. The wind picked up speed and took with it what was left outside. Usually, hurricanes were yet another reason to stay home, but the fury of the one was something for the ages. The swaying trees had been damaged and uprooted, such as casualties in a war. Branches of trees can be seen being chucked. Unexpectedly,there was a large boom. With lightening speed I bolted upright and ran to the window. I found debri,flying everywhere, then it caught my eye. A large coconut tree has been wre...

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