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Information Technology and Society Essay

Information Technology has the potential to alter societal structure and procedures similar in scale to that of the Agricultural Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. On this foundation governments should ensure supply of Information Technology to all members of the society as a matter of urgency. Discuss. Today, we're experiencing a technological revolution. There's nothing silent or stealthy about it we are aware of new technology coming each year. In-your-face advertising and attractive store displays tempt buyers at every turn, and this year's new version is next season's dinosaur. This revolution is global, not local. Several years back in India, there was a effort to have a "tap in every village" -- this kind of simple goal. Nowadays every home "needs a pc". The Information Technology(IT) revolution has attracted a great deal of good. It's enhanced how we communicate, storage and recovery of data has never been simpler, and we have new methods of learning, trading, working and loving ourselves. Technology brings benefits and prosperity to its customers, but it renders the under privileged behind, creating a "digital divide". The digital divide is a term used to describe "the gap between people who have 'ever' and people who have 'never' used a computer or the net" (Young, 2005). Digital divides can exist between young and old, rural and urban areas and country to country. Information Technology has shifted lives and it's beginning to change society's construction. Unless we provide IT to all members of society, those without access to computers will have less opportunities than those who do. "We are seeing an explosion of computer applications for calm targets - for economic development, ed...

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Books are important part of everyone's life. There are different kinds of catalogs and each possesses its own purpose and meaning. Many books are meant for learning and some are for entertainment uses and for self-expression on the part of the author. Every book is like a treasure container that is packed with valuable issues. Most of the time, catalogs are used for educational purposes.Devoid of books, it will be really hard for individuals to learn and then for teachers..
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Scarlet letter record
SummaryThe novel starts with Hester, the protagonist, being triggered the scaffold where she actually is to be publicly shamed for having committed coitus. Hester is forced to wear the letter "A" on her dress at all times. Hester carries Gem, her child, with her. While in public areas, she acknowledges her partner from Amsterdam, Roger Chillingworth, the antagonist. Chillingworth visits Hester following she is returned to the penitentiary. He explains to her..
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